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Pure Kent

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

I met Claire Eckley from Pure Kent at one of the many Kent Farmers Markets taking place at Penshurst Place.  Claire and I chatted about lots of food topics, both of us passionate about home-grown and home baking! Claire talked me through their Pure Kent Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil and flours.


I have been trying the Pure Kent products out and have really found the Rapeseed Oil a great discovery! I knew that type of oil was available but for whatever reason have held back on buying and trying! The best of the rapeseed crop is selected for Pure Kent Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil. After using this in several salad dressing recipes, used in baking muffins and using it when stir frying vegetables (high burn point so no burning or smoking!) I would agree it has a great nutty flavour. It is also a beautiful bright yellow colour, which adds more to the look of your salads and vegetables.

The other product I have been using in my cooking is Pure Kent Coarse White & Wheat & Barley Flour. This flour is made from a variety of wheat called Solstice, grown by the Eckley family, and mixed with a little barley. The mixture is stoneground and sieved on the farm. This flour has, so far, been successful in soda bread rolls, regular bread and pancakes. I have found it to be a more superior flour to use in baking with excellent results.

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