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Wild garlic butter bursting with Spring flavours

Wild garlic:

  • Also known as ramsons, bear’s garlic or leek, or buckrams, this is one of the most flavourful wild plants you can find. It grows in damp wood, fields, or hedgerows.

  • Wild garlic has a short season. Depending on where you live, you can go foraging between April and June. It is at its peak at the moment locally here in Kent, so now is the time to go picking, depending on the weather, mid to late April is the best time for it. It’s preferable to pick it while it still has no (or just a few) flowers, once the flowers appear, the leaves will toughen and lose some of their aroma.

  • And just make sure you are picking the right plant, confusing it with the Lily of the Valley or other plants is ext