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Alive with Flavour seeks some winter sunshine

A trip that had been planned, rearranged and arranged just a few times due to covid and travel restrictions finally happened earlier this year. It was a great opportunity to sample the Canary Islands off season, as Alive with Flavour spent four days on the volcanic island of Lanzorate!

Just a few highlights on the food and drink front which as a frequent holiday planner I would find useful. Firstly explore the small cafes and tapas bars. We were lucky enough to have our Spanish colleague with us, but we stumbled across a few brilliant little spots. First, on the day we arrived and what only looked like a most basic cafe from the road, even a building that had been closed for many months, turned out to serve the most delicious octopus to welcome us on to the island. Looking out at the sea we enjoyed the local wine and this casual restaurant turned out to deliver the most delicious mussels, salad and tapas dishes. As we had ‘over ordered’ something we do as making a decision is so difficult, we ended up taking away a food box or two, to enjoy later!

One of the most famous restaurants which I had received many friends and foodies mentioning on the island was Diablo in the National Park… the reason ‘everyone’ had told me it was a ‘must go’ was that they cook on the heat of the volcano. This was fun especially after driving through the national park, only sadness was there were no camels, maybe on their holidays too!

We spent our last evening on the island at Peskera, Costa Teguise. A fabulous find. The perfect spot for delicious seafood, paella, cocktails and wine - beautifully situated beside the sea. The ambiance was charming, matched by the attentiveness of the waiting staff. Andres, head waiter, looked after us and made our evening a delight. If you get the chance, do not pass up the opportunity to have lunch or dinner at this well run establishment.

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