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Wobbly Week Eat Walnuts

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Its been one of those weeks, actually a couple now… car accident (not my fault), back door broke and then yesterday realised someone has been using my credit card, so on the phone most of the morning with the fraud department at Visa, no I haven’t flown to Switzerland recently! Sometimes there are not enough hours in the day to sort this all out, let alone work.

Yesterday ventured down the Purley Way, Croydon to return a computer that has not worked and we only purchased it 2 weeks ago. Actually the well known computer shop were brilliant helping me in and out the car with my replacement PC but heading home took hours, and it was only Thursday. I did make a quick visit to Wing Yip, the Chinese supermarket on the Purley Way, which I must say was a great experience! Lovely fresh seafood and vegetables, can’t wait to have a go at using all the lovely ingredients I bought and will definitely be visiting again soon.  Already thinking about my Thai cooking experiences and trying a few recipes. If you have never visited check out Wing Yip website

So today has been a better day. Thank goodness it is Friday! Well Friday’s are generally my favourite day of the week. Productive meeting, game of tennis and a great weekend ahead. Off to the Cake and Bake Show on Saturday with my 10 year old daughter – she will love it!

Walnuts are always on hand in our house, for me and teenage daughter. I feel they are a healthy snack but they also brighten up porridge in the morning, muffins, cakes, and go well on top of any salad, pasta dish – they just go with everything! So for me I have my hand in the walnut jar, alot!

I am trying to be good. Been on a sort of regime for a few weeks now, but my bad luck has not helped. I have had to have the occassional glass of wine a couple of evenings.  Made a simple lunch with baby spinach leaves, couple of pieces of cooked bacon (leftovers) feta cheese, courgettes and walnuts sprinkled on the top.  Most satisfying, the salt kick I needed and ready for the weekend now.

Hope you have a great weekend too! 


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