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Student Survival Lesson 1

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Wednesday 14th September 2016 – Westerham Village Hall

“Living on pot noodle is an option but not a good one!”

Come and spend the day learning the basics in a fun, relaxed way! You will learn to peel and chop and mash and stir – and will go home with techniques and tips that you can trust and refer to time and again.

Cooking on a budget, nutritious and fuss-free meals! Talking about storage, budget, cooking for one or for 10 – you will be the most popular student around!

Over this first session (two more classes to follow) we’ll be making a basic ‘bolognese’ meat sauce and white, cheese sauce that can turn itself into Macaroni Cheese, Chili con Carne, Spag Bol, Lasagne or Shepherd’s Pie – and sampling two versions for a late lunch.

students cooking at university
student preparing a cake
students preparing a cake together

Everything you need will be provided including aprons, ingredients and full recipe packs to take away.   This class takes places in Westerham Village Hall. There are a maximum of 8 places.

Please book your place by Monday 29th August.

Date: Wednesday 14th September 

Venue: Westerham Village Hall (TN16 1BG)

Time: 9.30-2.30pm

Cost: £55 per person (including everything you need)

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