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Natural way to colour foods

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Sipping my frothy coffee and munching my toasted, homemade hot cross buns… The Spring sunshine is quite warm flooding in by the window. Its Friday again, they do come round so fast!

Just one week before the long Easter weekend and another ‘food’ weekend in the diary which I love to celebrate. Hot cross buns,

blog, this week I just want to touch on eggs. I have noticed this year there has been an increase in colouring your eggs more naturally and as I teach children more, its important that I have tried out some of these experiments.  You may or not know I used to live in the States and was a big follower of Martha Stewart (bit of a Delia Smith Stateside) here is the link which gives you lots of tips on how to colour your eggs naturally.

This was a great visual which came up on Facebook recently thank you to  and makes it look so easy. Using natural ingredients like beetroot, spinach, turmeric and blueberries I came across this blogger in Ireland who bottles her natural food dyes. Check out the recipes here. Really has raised some more curiosity and I have come across some excellent food products all coloured naturally. Of course pasta is one of those ingredients whereby I try and buy green! I mean spinach tagliatelle or similar for our pasta suppers but then I came across this clever lady again in the States, Seattle to be precise.  Her name is Linda Nicholson aka the ‘Pasta Ninja’. I was lucky enough to spend some time chatting online with Linda and she is so creative I was blown away at some of her images. ‘Pasta Ninja Linda’ makes noodle art out of vegetables, herbs, & superfoods. No artificial dyes. She teaches and writes about her art!

I asked Linda had she been over to the UK (fancied attending one of her workshops on making colourful pasta) but she hasn’t yet.  She keeps custom orders small and she has released her first book “Pasta Pretty Please” which she may look at touring in the Autumn. Take a look at her website 

So I started with chocolate and ended with colourful pasta. I am always amazed at the amount of different food products out there and life is too boring not to be vibrant! Let me know if you have any others you would like to recommend and as always I love to hear about any food experiments you have made.

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a flavoursome and colourful Easter x

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