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Friday Foodie – Winter Veg

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Another week has whizzed past, sticking with no alcohol and watching the calories, who said this was a good idea?

I have had to look harder at hardy winter vegetables that are in season and thinking about more adventurous recipes in the kitchen. Love all the swede and turnips particularly butternut squash, sweet potatoes and of course carrots, cauliflower, chard, kale, leeks, and parsnips. So easy just simply roasting these vegetables and I do like Brussel sprouts but you may well be sick of those post Christmas. I enjoyed a winter salad at a local coffee shop/restaurant and will be replicating that at home with kale, radishes, cauliflower and seeds, the dressing made the difference (often the case).

I have been cutting back on red meat but with ‘Burns night’ and Valentines round the corner perfecting your steak or getting in to the game with goose, guinea fowl, rabbit and venison may be the way to your Valentines heart (or stomach).

I have been trying more seafood recipes and one of my favourites, maybe for Valentines for me would be moules, otherwise look out for mackerel and turbot and other shellfish off the winter menus.

Next week I am keeping a day free to make marmalade. We get through quite a few jars as a family over the year and all the relatives enjoy my homemade conserve too. It is a timely process but like making mincemeat or baking cakes it warms the whole house and turns your kitchen into a Meditteranean getaway (well if I close my eyes, and ignore the washing pile! ) So I need to get my Seville oranges before they disappear from the shops…

This weekend a quiet one in my food world. If you are on Facebook please take a look at ‘Kent Food & Drink Network’ which is a networking group I have set up of anyone in the food and drink business. This is a great place to share ideas, ask questions and find contacts. Please share and recommend to anyone you feel who would benefit, us foodies need to stick together! Speaking of which we have some Chocolate events taking shape as Easter is not too far away so will keep you posted on those. Dates will follow.

So sweet potato and chickpea curry for supper and a cosy night in with some girlfriends, keep warm and have a great weekend.

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