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Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Riverford boxes of organic fruit and vegetables have been available for many years, delivered to your door. I would say they were the first company I remember and now they are one of many. I used to have a weekly Riverford delivery when the children were a little younger but cancelled due to work, school and supper time chaos!

I loved the fact that I got lots of different vegetables in particular.  In the supermarket I would tend to stick with the usual comfort of carrots and broccoli. Unfortunately, as the weeknights flew by, I was working evenings then, I found as a family we were not getting through the box and my worst nightmare – food was being wasted…

Then 2017 I started afresh! I have been working for the last 18 months on my own business Alive with Flavour, perfecting recipes – family friendly, fuss free, quick but healthy. I have been looking quite carefully at the other box delivery companies, what they are offering, trying them out and kept coming back to Riverford. I do really like the whole company ethos of Riverford and it mirrored my own.  I have been ordering my medium size fruit and vegetables since January this year. I have found I am at home more and the girls are a little older and a little more appreciative of some of the more un-usual ingredients we have come up with some great suppers and snacks. One of the best ideas I came across from Riverford was the savoury carrot and cheese flapjacks and these have been made many times since.

Then more recently I was given the chance to try out Riverford’s Recipe box – Vegetarian Quick – 3 meals – “Three speedy vegetarian recipes for two people. On your table in around 30 minutes.”

I was reading through the list of recipes and they just sounded delicious but quite complex and time consuming. However, I have just placed my second recipe box order as they have been a huge success in our busy house.

The recipe box arrived last Friday, exactly the same as my usual fruit and veg box delivery. I also like the fact that the Riverford driver thinks about the weather and pops it in plastic or leaves it in a place out of the elements, makes a difference!  I was excited to get going but as we had Friday night out at friends (dinner being cooked for me) the box was left untouched for the evening.

The recipe box is compartmentalised with all the ingredients measured out and prepared for all three recipes.

Monday, busy school night I went for Black Bean Falafel with Winter Salad & Spiced Yogurt. This was a recipe I managed to put together around swimming, I was surprised. I made the falafel as directed mixing the black beans, cumin,coriander and chickpea flour to bind them together and then popped them in the oven on my return home. Instead of sunflower oil I used coconut oil to fry the falafel which was in my mind a healthier alternative.

Wednesday, was the third recipe, don’t ask what happened on Tuesday night!  I started this recipe at 7.30pm and Sophie and I sat down to eat at 8pm. It was the perfect pizza… Spelt Pizza Bianca with Jerusalem Artichokes, Kale & Rosemary. The recipe sounded interesting but also not competely convincing the teenager with the mention of artichokes.  However, we both loved the light and creamy mascarpone topping making a white pizza ‘pizza bianca’ instead of the usual tomato. I admit I have never cooked or eaten Jerusalem Artichokes and they were really tasty hence Sophie’s immediate hesitation but I would recommend and cook them anyday now. We both ate well and there is even enough pizza for my husband to try tonight, so actually feeding three.

I feel this week has been a great week of food, combining familiar flavours and vegetables with more unusual recipe ingredients and ideas. I have loved all the combinations and am already thinking of how I could alter some of these recipes for another quick supper. I felt reassured I was not the only ‘newbie’ to Jerusalem Artichokes there was a ‘Nerd’s Guide’ provided which has some great tips on prep and recipes. Riverford also provide you with a list of ‘Next Week’s Recipes’ so already getting excited about Beetroot and Apple Pilaf?

For more details on Riverford’s recipe boxes click here.

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