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Easter 2017 Cookery Morning – Crockham Hill School

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Thursday 6th April 2017  – Crockham Hill Primary School, Hall and Kitchen

After 8 years dedicated to food, Jo Banks brings creative recipe ideas together through fun, clear, interactive presentations and hands-on workshops/classes.

“Cookery is a life skill and a subject I feel very passionate about! I have two daughters and I feel the more children can be involved in preparing food – from the beginning – the more likely they will enjoy eating and exploring adventurous tastes and flavours.”

This time we will be enjoying delicious Easter baking ready to take home for family and friends to enjoy!

Camp Details:

Cost – £16 per child Dates: Thursday 6th April 2017 10am-12pm Age Group: Boys & Girls 6-8yrs old Location: Crockham Hill Primary School, Crockham Hill, Kent TN8 6RP

Please bring drinks, a morning snack and a container for you to take your goodies home in!

For further details email

Please make cheques payable to: Joanne Banks

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