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Chocolate and Cheese

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Yes it sounded very strange to me initially – chocolate and cheese? really?

You may be surprised, but chocolate and cheese are rich, savoury, and delicious served together. I have been lucky enough to try some great combinations.

Cheese and chocolate share many of the same flavour qualities—rich, bold, robust, creamy—so pairing these two indulgent favourites is not as outlandish as you might imagine.

It is quite easy to do; there is a chocolate – cheese pairing for every taste. From soft mild cheeses to full flavoured hard cheeses, many can be paired with milk, white, or dark chocolate to a perfectly suited taste just for you.

Here are our tips and tricks for the perfect cheese combinations:

  1. Milk chocolate is wonderful with sweet fresh cheeses such as ricotta and sweet buttery cheeses like brie

  2. Darker more complex chocolates pair well with aged, more complex cheeses

  3. Some of the new, intense spicy chocolates (such as chocolate with chilli flavours) pair well with sharp cheeses

  4. Higher butterfat cheeses pair best with chocolates with nuts

  5. Washed rind cheeses complement fruity chocolates

Last nights event ‘Choctails’ in Tunbridge Wells we served dark truffles dusted in grated parmesan. “The salty and savoury (umami) flavour of Parmesan cheese pairs exceptionally well with the depth of flavour in dark chocolate. The chocolate actually brings out fruity, tart notes in the cheese. ”

Here are a few pairing suggestions:

–         Aged Gouda with Dark Chocolate

–         Aged Cheddar with Granny Smith Apples and Dark Chocolate

–         Triple Crème Brie drizzled with melted dark chocolate and fresh strawberries

–         Aged Parmesan, Dark Chocolate

–         Gruyere Swiss, Toasted Cashews and Milk Chocolate

This weekend I am trying the all time combination a toasted cheese and chocolate sandwich. I will let you know how I get on. Here are a couple of recipes to get your taste buds tingling…. have a great weekend!

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