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Walnut Oil

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

On holiday and always keeping my eyes peeled for the exciting food events and new products. While visiting Le Deux Alps we came across a traditional Farmers Market or ‘Fete de foin’.  Lots of traditional food stalls, nougat, fruit and vegetables, honey and olive oil.  Then we came across a display showing the traditional methods of making walnut oil.  I have subsequently realised a lot of walnut oil is made in and around Lyon, France. We walked through the process of them grinding the oil out of the walnuts and then showing us that the excess from the nuts is ground into a flour product.

Walnut oil is oil extracted from walnuts, or Juglans regia. The oil contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, monosaturated fatty acids and saturated fats. Most of us know the benefits of olive oil and its is pretty commonly used by us. However, walnut oil is also a healthier choice and it can be used as a nice change from olive oil. Walnut oil has got a limited shelf life and it is about 6-12 months. Composed of lightly toasted walnuts this rich and aromatic oil is heavenly when used as a base for salad dressing or in various baked goods.

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