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Vegetarian touching on vegan…

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Wednesday night we had a great evening with Riverford Organic talking seasonal veg. I had prepared a vegetarian menu based on the main recipes from the ‘Master Veg’ workshops offered by Riverford.

Made the Baba Ganoush and Romesco sauce in the Thermomix. Please contact me for more details on this ‘magic pot’.

In the process of marketing our Alive with Flavour supper club I have come across a huge ‘vegan’ following locally. Firstly I hadn’t realised how veganism has become so popular and how the interest in vegan recipes and food has soared. I will be getting in touch with our local vegan groups and seeing if we can do more to raise awareness and bring some vegan recipes and inspiration ‘alive’ through some food events. One of the most popular gluten free recipes and I make for a few vegan friends (although it does include eggs)  is here. This is a delicious chocolate brownie made with kidney beans, sounds very strange but actually quite delicious!

Since chatting live on Radio Kent I followed up with the Food Foundations campaign  To remind you this is an initiative to raise awareness about the lack of advertising budget for veg. The Food Foundation are raising money for the concept stage of a project that will develop a veg ad fund.  This fund will be a sustainable pot of money, paid into by government and industry who benefit from the increased sales of veg to pay for branding and marketing for all vegetables.  This initiative is supported by celebrity chefs and the latest report is that they have already raised 15% of the concept stage budget.  I will be keeping you posted as we hear more in the coming weeks.

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