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There is garlic and then there is wild garlic…

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

So a warm sunny Spring morning we set out with a map from a local friend – destination a secret endless supply of wild garlic.. it was quite an adventure with dodging the mud and the spaniel needing to be rescued as the steep bank was just too slippery! Except the rescuer (yes, that was me) nearly went for a dip too, as it was wet and slimy with stinging nettles to add to the exciting task!

Anyway to cut the story short we managed to find this ‘secret supply’ and gathered bags full of sweet smelling garlic.

Now, I had recently come across a great bunch of wild garlic in my Riverford Organic veg box and used it up happily unappreciative that I had a ‘secret supply’ so closely! However the adventure of finding or foraging for my own will be something to repeat! Have you cooked wild garlic? There are plenty of reasons why you should as its a natural antibacterial, antibiotic and contains Vitamin A, C and calcium and iron.  It is known to reduce blood pressure.

I had no idea how versatile it is as an ingredient as the leaves can be eaten raw or lightly cooked. Stir into risottos or omelettes added to soups or used in sauces to accompany meat and fish. For a selection of different recipes have a look at Delicious Magazine ideas.

I made a couple of jars of wild garlic pesto (have to keep my supplier happy!) and have already used a few spoonfuls smothered under the skin of my roast chicken and with quinoa to fill portobello mushrooms.

Wild Garlic Pesto Recipe:

Ingredients: large handful wild garlic, large bunch fresh basil, 60g grated parmesan cheese, 80ml olive oil, juice of 1 lemon.

Blitz all ingredients together. Adding salt and pepper to taste. Store in a jam jar for at least a week in the fridge, add more olive oil to the top.

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