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Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Another busy week with our June supper club taking place at Crockham Hill, Kent. Again we themed the evening on Thai food – this time, Thai Red Curry from scratch and Ju (Juthamard Morgan – Thai cook) showed us some of the quick and authentic secrets behind creating the dish.  Proof that the evening was a success, every bit of food had been eaten…

These supper clubs are ‘hands on’ meaning you actually learn how to make the dish from scratch, sometimes with the opportunity to roll up your sleeves and get involved, then of course settle down and eat, drink and be merry! These evenings are proving to be very popular, sociable but also seen as a relaxed cookery class.  Our next ‘hands on’ supper club is Wednesday 6th September 2017, bookings can be made now.

I have been getting to grips with my Thermomix too, aka ‘The Magic Pot’ this really is becoming my extra pair off hands. I have whisked up bolognese for the girls in minutes, puff pastry (never made this from scratch before) sugar free banana ice cream, mayonnaise, and my favourite – a healthy snack – ‘energy balls’ (I had to take these to tennis!) Its cooking from scratch but not having to guard the pot, no stir risotto just means I can multi task a little easier! If you are curious to see what the future is in the kitchen, give me a call, if you are local I would love to show you!

Then, I have been helping with a team building event this week, over towards Guildford.  If you would like me to help with setting up and co-ordinating your next ‘away day’ or team building in your own office premises let me know.  I have some wonderful ‘food’ competitive events up my sleeve, that will bring out the chef or maybe the soured grapes in any group!

Today, I had the pleasure of having coffee with Will Devlin, head chef over at The Windmill pub just outside Maidstone in Hollingbourne. Will was not only an experienced chef but also young and approachable. I enjoyed hearing about his thoughts on menus, ingredients and a priority for him which is sourcing locally.  He has been at The Windmill for about five years (started here at just 23 years old) before that Thackeray’s. Previous to this he was under Gordon Ramsay at Petrus, in London.

Will has already done a few ‘pop ups’,  supper clubs and demonstrations working on food events like the BBC Good Food show. He has a few events coming up locally at the Tonbridge Fire Station and Green Sands Gin Distillery, The Little Bull in Brenchley to name a few…

I am hoping to work on some forthcoming food events with Will and am excited that he likes to bring something fun and fresh to these type of evenings.

I asked Will about food trends and how he keeps up with what is new, as this is something I think is vital in the world of dining. Will eats out as much as he can, I agree with him you have to get out and see what everyone is doing in this foodie world. Travelling is also important and so good for influencing menu choices. Will says he likes to experiment in the kitchen, he was telling me about a version of soya sauce he was working on and an interesting idea of honey and lavender ice cream served with potato crisps. I was beginning to get hungry!

Will enjoys going out to eat but does not need to venture very far. In fact he would choose a local noodle bar in Tunbridge Wells over a trip to London or further afield. He really says its all about the food in this little place called Kitsu Sushi and Noodle Bar, and it has a great atmosphere. You can take your own drink and they do a fantastic sushi platter or pork broth.

Have a great weekend if you are dining in or out…

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