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Miniscoff – Organic Food For Children

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Founded in 2001 by father of three, Angus Olipant, Miniscoff is aimed at busy mums like me. From the beginning, I will say I wish I had known about this company back in 2001/2002 as my children and I too, were denied!

Always promising that I would be home to make every meal from scratch and give our children (two daughters) ‘home-cooked’ with the best ingredients….. Frozen meals have never been on the menu! So here we are, I guess ten years later. My eldest is fourteen and youngest is ten years old and they are fantastic eaters, not fussy and just love their food, could I ask for more? I always tried to cook food that we could then eat (not wanting to get into the separate meal preparation) with garlic and a little salt and pepper where needed.

Life now is different, much faster pace, I am working part-time around the children. I find three nights of the week I am at home, but this is for such a short space of time feeding a family of 4 has become more difficult than before.

Everyone eats at different times and from 4pm we have dancing, swimming and all those activities the busy children of today manage. …. Sounding familiar?

As I have become such a ‘foodie’ over the last few years, my recipes and expertise in the kitchen has developed. The family when they get a ‘home-cooked’ meal is quite sophisticated and I love experimenting on them. There are the nights though where time is so short and my energies from working on my business are gone and that is where I have found Miniscoff ready meals and sauces to be brilliant. The meals are designed for children under 8 yrs but this has not stopped me. The recipes such as Chilli served with basmati rice and Creamy Salmon Pasta sound so appetizing that I have found both my daughters to love them, afraid they didn’t even notice half the time! Which I took as a major compliment! I would say the portion size is perfect for one hungry over 8, or 2 if they had a hot meal at school. Then my 2 year old nephew came for tea and I found him to love the Spaghetti Bolognese and the Ali Baba’s Shepherd’s Pie. Maybe it was the way I presented it. His Mum was thrilled as she had bought the usual yoghurt and banana and was not expecting him to eat much else! She will be one of your newest customers.

shep pie

All the products I have used are excellent quality, smell and taste good. Packed full of fresh ingredients, lovely chunks of meat or cheese. There are full instructions on heating from frozen and I really feel you would never know! The smells in the kitchen certainly keep up with the ‘homemade’ trick. I do check the back of packets and look at ingredients. What I like about Miniscoff is everything on the packaging is easy to identify. Everything in the product is an ingredient you would use in your home kitchen. ‘We just use the best organic ingredients, sourced as locally as possible – no need for nasty additives or preservatives. Also, we only use very sensible amounts of salt, sugar and fat, so our sauces can be enjoyed by all the family.’ Very impressed!

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