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Indian flavours supper club

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

A curry evening that was so appealing

I decided to go to this months Supper Club of Alive with Flavour. Why? Well quite simply because Curry was on the menu. If that wasn’t enough, the Chef for the evening was a MasterChef finalist, none other than Daksha Mistry.

Jo Banks (founder of Alive with Flavour) is a great facilitator and her working alongside Daksha led to a brilliant atmosphere. I quickly found that this Supper Club is one in which everyone gets involved with the food. It is certainly not a ‘sit and wait’ in a restaurant experience.

I was soon knee high in rolling out dough to make my own Roti. It was a tense time. There were 15 other people with me and we were all taking the task very seriously. All were we? Daksha had told us our Roti should be round. My roti looked more like a map of Australia than anything else. At least I tried. I kept going and eventually had a shape that didn’t look too bad when it was cooked.

Daksha showered us with her food insights. I learnt that trying to cook potatoes in the same pot as tomatoes can be done but it takes forever. Therefore it’s much better to cook them separately and add at the end. Insight after insight kept coming as did the food.

A tremendous evening where I met new people, discovered new cooking skills and had some fun along the way.

Well done Jo. Keep up the good work. Your Supper Club truly was Alive with Flavour.



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