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Hot in the Garden of England

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Wow, its been a scorcher this week hope you haven’t all melted… as we all agree it is beautiful if you are lying by a pool sipping a G&T but if you are working, running errands and generally doing things, or even travelling it is miserable.

I have spent quite a bit of time in the cool surrounds of my air-conditioned car these past few days and taken some time to visit a few locations on my list in Kent. I do wonder what we did before air conditioning in cars? I remember never having it growing up…

On the food front experimenting with seasonal salad and vegetable recipes.  Finding my Thermomix invaluable with cooking from scratch for the family, meatballs were the favourite this week! If you are curious to see this ‘magic pot’ give me a call or drop me an email… it has a huge WOW factor and demonstrates what the future holds! Enjoying the Roasted Kohlrabi with Spiced Carrot and Cannellini Dip from Riverford a perfect way to spice up that boring lunch.

Anyway back to my trips around Kent … I just wanted to mention the lovely Kent village of Brenchley and the Little Bull pub.

Facebook   and watch this space…

I also visited my favourite village Horsmonden and the Heath Stores… love this place. You can see why its been named favourite shop of the year, they stock such delicious and unusual products

Also Ide Hill Community Shop which is also on Facebook and just 10 minutes up the road from where I live. I forget its so lovely to meet friends and sit in the sunshine and have a coffee or get some local fruit and veg… strawberries and cherries were on my list! Again this shop stocks some great products and have a new freezer section.

I certainly forget about all the fantastic little places around us; villages and towns to explore. Eating and drinking out and shopping local so much on our doorstep we should really try and support our communities and small businesses.

So have a great Friday-  a night to sip a G&T and you could be on holiday!

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