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Fondue is making a comeback

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Listed as what’s ‘cool in food’ in various food magazines, and proving to be coming back into fashion, fondue is on the up! Something you may or may not have experienced while on a ski holiday or maybe something you remember doing in the 1970’s a fondue party is back in the press.

Alive with Flavour’s first supper club of 2019 came to me over dinner in Les Deux Alps, last Summer. A group of us were away walking for the weekend, we sat down one evening, and indulged in some ‘Apres Ski’.  It was such a wonderful evening of cheese and accompaniments, we agreed it would be a very ‘hands on’ experience for one of my supper club events.

During the 18th century the origin of fondue began in Switzerland as a way to use aged cheeses and breads to feed families who had limited access to fresh foods during the winter time.  Producers of