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Chocolate Flapjacks

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Again a non refined sugar recipe, perfect for after school. These are easy as they are no bake but still good for lunchboxes as there are no nuts!


  1. 1 cup mixed seeds, pumpkin, sesame, sunflower for example

  2. 40g cocoa powder

  3. 100g medjool dates pitted

  4. 1 banana

  5. 6 tbsp maple syrup

  6. 250g oats

  7. 5 tbsp coconut oil


  1. Blitz the dates, banana, maple syrup and cocoa powder in a blender or processor.

  2. Melt the coconut oil in a saucepan.

  3. Add the oats to the melted oil and stir in, leave to soak together for five minutes.

  4. Add the chocolate mixture to the oats and mix well.

  5. Line the bottom of a small baking tray with greaseproof paper and squash the mixture in to the tray.

  6. Smooth it over and make sure its well compacted before putting it in the fridge for a few hours.

  7. After the flapjack has been in the fridge for a few hours cut into 25-30 squares. Enjoy!

  8. Note this flapjack does freeze well

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