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BBQ Season is here again

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

So us British do have a reputation for cooking outside at the faintest glimmer of sunshine.  To be fair, we have to make the most of any warm weather and as a family we are known to get outside whenever we can.

So we dust off the bbq and declare the season officially open! Why do we have this obsession for cooking outside or alfresco? Is it the influence of holiday eating? Is it the whole hunter-gatherer instinct or maybe its just we love crowding around the BBQ, cracking a few beers or drinks (us ladies)  – its socialising with food at its best! Already getting excited at the thought of sitting out till late chatting around the slowly dying embers hours later.

Completely my ideal time of year, relaxed – great fresh food and eating with lots of friends and family round a big table!

So in our house we stick to traditional type of BBQ food. We are more adventurous than burgers and sausages but we don’t get too cheffy! Barbecuing should be enjoyable, relaxed, sometimes its pretty spare of the moment affairs! I just love the smells and taste of barbecuing and it adds such flavour to the dish.

Have you ever cooked dirty? ‘Dirty’ cooking simply refers to cooking directly on the coals. With that in mind, its really important to use natural firelighters and decent lump wood charcoal, free from any chemical or other nasty surprises.  Laying meat for example straight on the coals results in incredible flavour and, importantly, the meat doesn’t burn because there is no oxygen between the surface of the coals and the meat so it can’t catch fire. Just keep a brush to hand to dust off any loose flecks of charcoal.

Barbecuing has so many options, fish, meat, skewers, veg, and of course dessert, I was actually thinking of doing brunch on the BBQ.

Excited that we are going to be expanding the repertoire, and going Cajun for our next supper club on the 3rd July. Cajun chicken, prawns, and veg too…what about the sound of baked buffalo cauliflower wings? If you want to come and learn some hot tips and tricks, a little surf and turf, check out the details here.

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