Jo Banks Believes Food Should be an exciting experience

Everyday food doesn’t have to be dull. We all deserve food that is alive with flavour. Jo is on a mission to unlock the potential of what we eat through inspiration and experience. Introduce yourself to a world where we learn how to appreciate every mouthful, every day, every time.  

Food Facilitator

Jo Banks loves to share the delights of food. Whether at a food festival or before an audience of food experts, you are assured a lively experience with Jo.

Supper Club

Connecting people, experiences and insights in food. We meet regularly in a fun, friendly space and learn, share and enjoy outstanding meals.

food Events

Workshops with a twist. We have facilitated networking events, team-building sessions, and are available to work with you to help you meet your goals. Connect with your team.

Our Story

Jo Banks founded Alive with Flavour in 2016 to share her joy of cooking. Jo is a food presenter, food blogger, lifestyle chef and organiser of food events. She is a regular contributor to food-themed radio shows. Alive with Flavour is all about fuss-free, healthy cooking with an emphasis on appreciation, learning and inspiration.

join The Alive With Flavour Supper Club

The Alive With Flavour Supper Club is a lively way to get hands-on with food whilst meeting new people along the way. We meet regularly at interesting foodie venues where we all experience the flavours and make friends together.  

The Food facilitator

There is very little that Jo enjoys more than talking about food. Unless that is exploring the joys of incredible mouth-watering dishes with an audience. If your audience loves food, book Jo Banks for your next event and she’ll treat your audience to the Alive With Flavour experience.

Food Events

Our corporate workshops are perfect for team building activities, conferences, networking events or just an exciting and different way to get your staff out the office and having fun. We are completely flexible on venue, can come and transform your board room or find you that perfect location away from the office.

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