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Walking and Wine

So why ‘Walking and Wine’? Well this little adventure has been in the pipeline now for over two years. I have researched, planned and plotted over Covid lockdown and

been looking forward to the ‘open road’ and walking on the Camino (one of the world’s oldest and most famous pilgrim routes)for months now.

My Spanish friend Veronica trekked over 400kms when she was 19 years old and now just a few years later (ok, maybe 30 years), she inspired a few more of her friends to join her and have a go! Of course, I added a few extra days so we could explore San Sebastian, the northern Spanish coast, and then to have a relaxing few days to recover in Santiago de Compostela, the official ending of the 500 trek.

It’s safe to say we have had a few glasses of wine every day, sometimes just one when we had a long walk to do the next day but have enjoyed some of the best French rosés and for me I am now ‘hooked’ on a glass of Albariño. It’s been so worth the wait and instead of my usual ‘Foodie Friday’ I am very pleased to share a food and travel blog which for future reference will be known as ‘Walking and Wine’.


We left London shortly after 9am on the Eurostar. It was already a busy day at St. Pancreas and we were pleased to find a coffee and our seats. It’s been a while since I have used the Eurostar but it is incredibly easy. Before we knew it we were in sunny Paris and having lunch near to the Eiffel Tower at the Café Trocadero.