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Sunny Seville

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

It certainly was a beautiful, sunny, long weekend in Seville early July. We stayed at the lovely Hotel Fernando, perfectly located for a few short walks in the mornings and evenings, avoiding the heat of the day.

Breakfast was included in our hotel stay and I have to say that the orange juice as you would expect, was the best I have ever tasted. We did wonder for breakfast one morning and had the traditional tomatoes and Iberian ham on toast. The typical Spanish tomatoes first thing in the morning, always taste so good. It really helps sitting in the sunshine, toast drizzled with beautiful olive oil... a difficult experience to replicate back at home!

A wonderful patisserie, artisan desserts and ice cream restaurant, we stumbled upon was Robles Laredo. The discovery of the local orange ice cream was one of the highlights of the weekend! It was zesty, fresh, but creamy and rich too, and I could have literally eaten it breakfast, lunch and dinner time! I have only had an orange sorbet or granita in the past, not an ice cream and it was so good, I am still dreaming about it!

Lunchtime we sat and had a drink and sometimes something light but it was too hot to eat much, especially after a good breakfast! What I hadn't seen before is the water mist that the Seville restaurants and cafes spray from their canopies and roofs to cool their diners. Its a fine mist and was so clever, and quite a relief even walking past the busy street cafes.

Dinners out we booked up a few local recommendations from TripAdvisor. We were not disappointed. The tapas from simple dishes like Patatas bravas to beautiful octopus and salmon we loved it all. Our favourite was El Pinton.

Strolling the beautiful gardens, the Spanish square and along the river was so picturesque! The Seville orange trees were full of little green oranges, ready to start ripening and I really would like to return to see the blossom in February/March!

It really is a stunning city to visit, all so manageable in a weekend. So much history, architecture, culture and of course for me it was a weekend alive with flavour!

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