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Week 2 – Desperately hunting Christmas presents

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Further down the list of festive preparations, however, I cannot find a purple tractor for my 5 year old nephew, every other colour, the hunt continues!

My blog from this time last year where I talked about Christmas present ideas and home kits were popular.  Here we are again and there are still some of my favourites on the Delicious Magazine, Gift Guide for this year (like to think I am accurate with my predictions). “For the experimental – home-curing kits for salmon or bacon, each with three exciting flavour combos.  The salmon kit includes citrus, sansho pepper, and dill & mustard.  To watch Ross & Ross video on the salmon kit click here. For bacon, its fennel & juniper, maple & chipotle, and English mustard & pink peppercorn. Just add the meat or fish…Homemade curing kit, £22 each,

Loving my Thermomix, aka Magic Pot. I know I have spoken about it before but for the ultimate gift for a ‘foodie’ this is it! Currently making pea and mint soup for me while I get this written. Like having an extra pair of hands in the kitchen, its amazing. Grated my parmesan in about 5 seconds ready for my parmesan shortbreads and already made my homemade basil pesto ready for tomorrows  Christmas entertaining workshop.

Another subject recently discussed was the requirement for new cook books and hearing that Delia Smith thinks we don’t need more. This is proved wrong as I read “its been an exceptional year for food books”, and the top three for 2017 are:

The Festive One – The Christmas Chronicles by Nigel Slater – £26. No one but the sternest of Scrooges could fail to read Nige the Great’s gorgeous paean to the festive season and not be moved to deck the halls forthwith…

 Nigella’s Best for Years – At My Table: A Celebration of Home Cooking by Nigella Lawson – £26. Cook-me-now recipes seasoned with her trademark warm intelligence are the name of the game in Nigella’s latest. A must for the bookshelf.

So Christmas shopping well under the way, starting to clear space in my freezer for a few trays of pastry cases etc and as I did last year, nearly time to make Jamie Oliver’s festive bombe.  Also on my list for this week is cranberry sauce but let me get over this weekend of Christmas entertaining ideas, and camel cupcakes (will post a picture – they are very cute!).  Have a great weekend, happy shopping…

P.S let me know if you come across a purple tractor

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