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Veg Power!

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

The challenge

In the UK, our diets now pose the greatest threat to our health and well-being and the food environment urgently needs to change to support us to eat healthier.

The latest government dietary guidance suggests we should be eating 7 portions of fruit and veg a day, yet a recent report by the Food Foundation revealed that 80% of adults and 95.5% of children 11-16 years are not eating enough. To decrease the risk of diet related diseases, we need to be eating, on average, one more portion of veg per day.

It’s not just our health that will benefit but the environment and farmers can potentially benefit from more veg too. The report also showed that if we all eat an extra portion of veg and a little less meat we would reduce the UK’s diet-related greenhouse gas emissions by 17%.”

I was invited on BBC Radio Kent a few months ago to comment about this initiative and what I thought about the campaign. Find my blog here. A lot has progressed in the last few months with the launch of Veg Power earlier in May.

What is VegPower? An inspiring advertising campaign to encourage children – aimed at children to eat more veg, watch the video involving Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall here. Do you support this important campaign? I certainly do and hence feel I want to spread the word to all my customers and followers.

Just this week I have been busy with veg, this time at a local Montessori Preschool.  This program is an initiative through Riverford Organic ‘eat the rainbow’ and is a great ‘hands on’ activity whereby children as young as 3 years old can identify, learn, wash, prep, chop and slice vegetables and fruit – designing fruit art. “For the children, it is the process that is the most important part rather than the finished product and they loved all of the washing, scrubbing, pouring, chopping, grating, eating! Putting all of those practical skills that they learn with the Montessori method into reality!”  said Sandra the teacher. We worked on a giant rainbow which everyone loved being part off, I did laugh as the children couldn’t resist munching as they worked!

‘Farm to Fork’ an activity through the Countryside Learning programme is something else I am looking forward too. This is taking place at Chiddingstone Castle on the 24th May and again will be a day of veg and fruit with a mix of local primary school children. A great opportunity to talk about where your ingredients come from and this session is part of an action packed day with Fishing, Working Dogs, Shetland pony Management and Woodland Management too.

I have various Food Festivals approaching and I hope to run some more ‘fun with fruit and veg’ sessions and am demonstrating at a few of them, a delicious tomato recipe. This recipe and talking about tomatoes is supporting local and countrywide.  Tomatoes are at their best towards the end of May with British Tomato fortnight.

Its a key time to talk fruit and vegetables…. and I am following the great lead of the celebrity Chefs and expertise. I hope this gets you thinking about eating a colourful plate that not only is beneficial for your health but its also teaching our families great eating habits! VEGPOWER…. VEGPOWER…. VEGPOWER…. VEGPOWER…. VEGPOWER ….

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