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Time to stir the traditions?

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

This week has been one of the busiest food related for the year, so far!  With the lead up to Thanksgiving my thoughts are back to our friends in America and the wonderful feast we used to share with them. Turkey and all the trimmings sometimes a bigger event than Christmas itself particularly when we lived over in Tennessee.

Then in the US and now this side of the pond the Black Friday day of shopping. A day or now more like the whole weekend that I guess the retailers hope you will start your Christmas shopping or even finish the list of presents. Focusing on all these special offers and deals to distract us in the shops and across the internet. Its becoming a tradition in this country and maybe over taking British family traditions for example ‘Stir up Sunday’ and maybe pulling our thoughts away from the importance of the next family celebration just around the corner with Christmas. Personally I feel it is another pressure, to check out what I should or shouldn’t be buying, as I hate to miss a bargain! I have not made my own Christmas pudding this year but for me, this weekend  is always a reminder to make sure I have made my cake, feeding it with some brandy, and important jobs like ordering the turkey.

It all seems to start this last weekend of November with Christmas country fairs (lots local to us here in Kent), attending Christmas school concerts and plays(they start to get most frequent from here till the end of term) Christmas parties and other such events. In Crockham Hill I was involved in an African fundraiser, so not stirring the Christmas pudding but stirring up babootie for 100 people. It is just getting to that time of year.

So in our busy world life just gets busier, so many traditions so many special days, and it comes back to eating and sharing a meal together which we must try and make time for…

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