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Taking Pictures of Food

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

We are all snapping away pictures of food… it may well be that loaf of bread you baked, that beautifully risen sponge, Yorkshire puddings or salad that you are proud of. We are all guilty of not eating our food at restaurants and on that ‘night out’ until we have captured that masterpiece on a plate! Instagram has become popular beyond belief, the young and old, we all love taking pictures and food is one of the most photographed subjects of all…

As a blogger and ‘foodie’ I have learnt a lot over the years and actually had a session just recently on ‘food photography’ which was so interesting.  Its all about the story as well as the food…

Last week I was lucky enough to catch Pink Lady (apples) ‘Food Photographer of the year’ at the Mall Galleries in London. Details here. Firstly I was really impressed with the gallery and secondly the exhibition was excellent with some very interesting categories and in some cases unusual winners. There were over 8,000 entries from around the world and I enjoyed the children or young photographer category. A few photos shown here:

Left: Runner Beans Right: Aubergines

Peas bubbling