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Predictions 2018

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Have you planned your summer holiday yet? There is nothing better on a dreary, dark January day to spend your time flicking through a holiday brochure, holiday sites and checking out the latest deals in the sun!

For me its that time of year when I am excited to know what will be the latest food trend or ‘wow’ recipe or new ingredient and I have spent lots of time looking at articles with the latest predictions  for 2018.

Interestingly, I was pretty spot on with my article this time last year and it applies to 2018 too. I wrote about alcohol free drinks and they are still on the increase, good for those who are having a ‘dry January’ so many more choices now. Edible insects, high in protein and have been talked about for a while but is this the year they will go big? Pickling and fermentation such as kimchi and sauerkraut, a workshop going on locally this weekend at Tablehurst Farm, Sunday 1-4pm. Maybe fashions in food move much slower… to read my blog from last January click here.

Dried fruits and snacks have increased on our supermarket shelves, interesting as I have been watching for dried mango in particular. I enjoyed this so much in Africa last summer I bought bags back with me and never seemed to find a brand in this country that I like. There used to be only one choice now in my local store, at my latest visit there was a choice of three different types of dried mango on the shelf! There is not just an increase in dried fruits and vegetable snacks, I have also noticed more dried chicken and beef snacks, low in carbs and a quick protein fix for the healthier snack.

We will be seeing more of the ‘super’ spice turmeric associated with curry but we are all learning has so many more health benefits. Aiding our digestion and being such a versatile spice I think we will be seeing so many more recipes and ideas, anyone spotted a turmeric drink yet?


Ever heard of poke? even better maybe you have tried it? Poke is a raw fish salad dish. There are many restaurant owner and food fanatics that are already raving about it, and that can only mean one thing: it’s going to get really popular sometime soon. It’s a Hawaiian dish, and that’s where it’s served best.

Cassava Flour

A new and healthier type of flour I have come across for use in your cooking and baking is cassava flour. More known in parts of Asia and South America. It’s perfect for people in need of gluten-free ingredients, and it’s also grain-free as well. Even if you don’t have any allergies to contend with, this is a super-healthy ingredient and one that lots of people will be using more of in 2018. It’s a source of carbohydrate, and it doesn’t contain any nuts either.


Seaweed has been a popular ingredient for a long time. It is a fantastic food for anyone who wants to get their fill of protein without eating too much meat. Seaweed again has many health benefits and I think will feature even more in our recipes.  It can be cooked in all kinds of ways; just look at what the Japanese do with it. It’s a massively important food in Japan, and that’s a country with one of the highest life expectancy rates in the world, they must be doing something right!

Chaga Mushrooms

They don’t really look like mushrooms, have you tried them? Predicted to be the ‘superfood’ of 2018 check out their health benefits in this article, click here.

I enjoyed reading these predictions for 2018 too. For more articles on food trends for this year look here: The Telegraph and The Guardian.

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