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Posh Picnics

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

I have fallen into the trap of making a posh picnic. It really is crazy but its no longer acceptable to serve sandwiches, bag of crisps, yoghurts and fruit for a picnic its all got very ‘posh’. Don’t get my wrong I think if you are having a picnic with children under 10 years old they would be quite happy with my original offering but an adult picnic these days is quite an occasion and I think my Ikea plastic cups would look out of place.

For me it started about six years ago when we were invited to an open garden with jazz! The invite was to bring your own picnics (food and drinks) so we arrived with a picnic blanket, and food – I cannot actually remember what we took – but possibly quiche and salad so not a stale cheese sandwich! Anyway we arrived to quite a sight… full dining tables, laid with china, and more importantly glass (even a candlestick) and the food and drink at this occasion was frightfully posh… lets just say we felt a little silly with our African picnic blanket and tube of Pringles!

Anyway with all the outdoor events now, festivals, picnic in the park, music, outdoor cinema I thought I would look into the perfect picnic, or what that actually means…

The most interesting and timely article was in the ‘The Times” Weekend – Saturday June 23 2018.

“10 essential picnic recipes” by Harriet Addison:

  1. Antipasti skewers

  2. The easiest tart

  3. Quick potato salad

  4. The tastiest sausage rolls

  5. Mini frittatas

  6. Panzanella

  7. Five-minute cheese balls

  8. Garlicky, cheesy sourdough

  9. The easiest ginger beer

  10. and lemonade

Wow no carton drinks and ham wraps on there and I always thought a wrap was much more fancy than a sandwich!

So tonight I will make an attempt at some of these essential picnic recipes, I do like sausage rolls particularly home made and I think my antipasti from Italy will go down well with some breads and crackers, bon appetite!

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