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Kentish countdown…

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

the Kentish Hare, to be precise!

One of my favourite locals when it comes to grabbing a pub supper with friends or going out with the family at the weekends… never fails to serve great food in a gorgeous setting!

Met James and Chris Tanner a few years ago and was sold immediately, even with their other restaurants and commitments they have a huge ‘pull’ to their home, Tonbridge, Kent. Due to the regular popularity, Christmas Day at this great location has been booked up, back in June.  Bobby explains they don’t change much over Christmas, regulars like to know what they are having. There are always new additions to the menu, particularly seasonal desserts. All sounded delicious, why do I do these interviews just before lunchtime? 

Bobby Brown, head Chef at the Kentish Hare and he has been there from the beginning… always a good sign. We met recently at the Chefs Forum and I enjoyed meeting him this morning asking about his involvement with this program (encouraging future chefs) and what is on the menu for Christmas at the Kentish Hare. Click to listen to our interview here: Podcast

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