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Food at the Fair

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Last weekend there were so many food extravaganzas I don’t know where to start… actually I am not even going to list them, but so many wonderful opportunities to buy locally sourced food direct from the producers all across Kent and Surrey! Food Heaven for someone like me.

If you watch what I am up too – I was busy at Tonbridge Food and Drink Festival and this was a feast of food and such a great weekend. I was so thrilled to be part of it and meeting with some of the very best producers of Kent.

There were thousands of people visiting the two day event in the Castle Grounds and I loved chatting to the happy shoppers with their bags laden with delicious food such as breads, cheese, and strawberries. The weather was so beautiful too, so the weekend was perfect to sit back and enjoy a local beer, cider or wine too!

So many commented that its lovely to taste unusual products before you buy, and to shop seasonal. One of my favourite new finds was Refined Baklava – so good with a cup of coffee, I could start most days that way! Of course there are the benefits of supporting our local farmers and producers who work so hard and most were pleased with the prices being competitive with the supermarkets! I believe it is a myth that you pay more direct!

In our ‘hands on’ area we used the delicious strawberries and tomatoes (British Tomato week) with recipes that even the smallest of hands could try! There is such a happy face and a sense of achievement when you have rustled up your very own Eton mess from scratch! Loved the smiling faces…

June is my favourite month for salads, asparagus and of course mentioned earlier strawberries! Please watch out on my website for recipes and delicious inspiration. Last night in fact I made the most amazing and such an easy asparagus risotto – really great food doesn’t need to be complicated and time consuming… I am all about the ‘fuss free’…

So English Wine Week – Saturday May 27 to Sunday June 4, so I am off to Bath with a great local wine from Redhill Farm Estate, Maidstone (managed to squeeze in some shopping myself)  and cannot wait to sit and chill in my friends garden and enjoy together!

Enjoy the sunshine …

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