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Countdown to Christmas 2018 begins in Kent

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

I miss celebrating Thanksgiving in the States. We use to always have family and friends visiting and enjoy a huge meal round the table… normally turkey with all the trimmings – I think I have said in the past sometimes bigger than Christmas Day itself! Anyway now its Black Friday again, I remember spending hours in the local shopping malls hunting out the bargains, of course now its all online, no need to leave that comfy chair!

With just a month to Christmas Day I have officially started talking Christmas. Already I have spoken with Scottish Chef and Presenter Marie-Claire James at the Country Living Christmas Fair, London and now I turn my countdown to a little closer to home, in Kent. My plan over the next few weeks to talk to some select and favourite Chefs, Restaurants, Pubs and Coffee/farm shops finding out what they are doing this Christmas. Its all about the food and drink especially at this time of year, bringing people together and sharing great places to do just that… all local and on our doorsteps! Maybe an Alive with Flavour recommended list…..  I do like a challenge!   So today that was definitely in mind as I talked to Chef, Will Devlin. Recently awarded “Kent Chef”, Will has his own restaurant The Small Holding, Kilndown. Listen to our Podcast here.

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