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Looking back brunch was something for a Sunday! The vibe, timing and simplicity all made it the perfect environment to take a deep breath and unwind. Enjoying homemade blueberry pancakes and maple syrup, knowing we had nothing much on and would probably walk it off with a slighter longer dog walk. Still ready for a roast dinner early evening but that was before…

Since Covid brunch has turned into the main meal of the day. Throughout lockdown and our ‘go to’ on a Saturday and Sunday, even midweek.

Maybe it’s because it fits in with our family dynamics at the moment, teenagers who eat at all different times of the day or just something about saving yourself till late morning for a feast!

I personally love the challenge of using up mushrooms, a few tomatoes and what about making bruschetta or ‘eggy bread’ to use up leftovers. If we have a few slices of haloumi – (squeaky cheese) in the fridge or a perfectly ripe avocado, even better… It’s always been so much more than bacon and eggs!

Through lockdown so many of us tried making fancy breads trying sourdough and pastries so this is a meal that extends in so many directions. Some great recipe ideas please click here:

Shakshuka was something I made for the first-time last summer and its now a firm favourite!

Now we are back out and about and the summer holidays are here, I have already sampled a few brunches. Holidays are perfect for brunch too and I think that’s another reason why it’s helping me with my ‘staycation’ this Summer. Sitting in the garden, enjoying a plate of chopped, juicy, sun ripened tomatoes served on a thick wedge of sourdough toast with olive oil, salt and pepper is so simple, yet satisfying! For me brunch is the new lunch, ‘let’s meet for a coffee and a spot of brunch!’ A relaxing way to catch up with friends and family.

Over the past few months we have had many takeaways and deliveries, supporting lots of local pubs and restaurants that had to close their doors through Covid. The Sussex Kitchen popped a card through our door, delivering breakfast boxes. I was so excited about having delicious bread and pastries delivered ready for brunch, a great business venture! If you are away camping with your families this summer, lots of places can organise a breakfast box to your tent, perfect for those lazy campers!

One of the advantages of brunch is there is something for everyone to eat. Even the pickiest eater can find something at brunch. Brunch menus vary hugely there is the traditional granola, pancakes, smashed avocado, eggs and bacon or a real meal with welsh rarebit, (Just read a recipe from Delicious magazine which is for mushroom rarebit, lower in carbs!) sweetcorn fritters, even steak and chips! Everything from custom omelettes, freshly cut roast beef and handmade breads and waffles.

What to drink is the other decision to make. Do you start with a smoothie, a healthy turmeric shot or hit the coffee before or after that plate of eggs? With bottomless brunch being very popular too, I can say I have tried a few interesting combinations and it’s safe to say even a fruity cocktail or glass of Prosecco goes with this meal! That combination of breakfast and lunch is just a natural winner. Some people love brunch and the eclectic menu choices so much that they travel from restaurant to restaurant seeking new amazing delicacies.

Brunch is serious business – financially and emotionally. Brunch is its own category in restaurant reviews and there are packs of brunch experts. Just ask a friend where they like to go to brunch and you will hear whole stories about the food and environment. Love that there are no rules and most hotels, restaurants and cafes seem to serve brunch all day long! Let’s face it – anything with Mimosas and Bloody Marys can’t be a bad thing!

Not local, but my favourite brunch menu just recently was the Brew & Brownie in York! Outstanding….

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