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The kitchen gadget this Christmas.

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Have you heard of Thermomix®?

I am still surprised at the number of people who haven’t, as it really is the gadget of choice for the kitchen, and probably one of the most versatile machines for Christmas 2021 if you love to cook or want to be a better cook. It’s fail-safe, there to act as your very own ‘sous chef’ in a multiple of ways.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary Thermomix® has proven itself worldwide and has a fantastic reputation with commercial chefs as well as taking pride of place in many home kitchens.

It’s even been used on shows like MasterChef as the Thermomix® brand becomes better known in this country.

Simply speaking, Thermomix® is 12 gadgets in one. It does everything from making ice cream, to kneading, mixing, chopping, grating, caramalising and sautéing, with sous vide and fermentation options too.

Linking to your WiFi for unlimited recipes from around the world, it even weighs liquids and solids, with everything built in. The only thing it doesn’t do is bake or roast, so you will still need your oven.


Thermomix cooking is a healthy way of cooking.

You have control over the food you eat, as you can eliminate the majority of artificial flavours, colours and food additives.

Thermomix® is able to retain flavour and nutrients due to control of speed and temperature.

Thermomix® does not oxidize food, therefore all colours are fully retained and the food tastes gorgeous.

A superior texture of food results due to the speed and temperature the machine is able to achieve; incredible creamy soups and sauces can be made without using cream.

Thermomix® enables you to cook wholesome and whole foods from scratch with ease.

Steaming is a very healthy way to cook. Thermomix® retaining colour and juices within the food when steaming.


With Thermomix® you have an extra pair of hands in the kitchen doing all that stirring.

You save time due to:

· Less preparation

· Shorter cooking times

· No need to weigh ingredients, so no measuring supplies to clean

· The machine “washes itself”.


The machine is very economical to run, so saves on power.

The Varoma tray re-uses the energy from the heat generated by the machine as energy that would otherwise be wasted if you cook and steam food.

Thermomix® also significantly cuts your grocery bill as the processed, prepared and convenience foods you’d need o