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Week 4 – ready or not it’s here…

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

So I could do with three more weeks to get everything wrapped and sorted. Why do I always think I am organised and then realise actually I still have a huge amount of sorting out to do. With just two days to go I have to do pretty much all my wrapping and although I have been living in my local supermarkets visiting daily,if not twice daily, I will have to pick up the turkey (collecting Christmas Eve) and a few more bits over the weekend.

I did joke with some friends last night, why do we have to eat so well with the run up to Christmas… but no last night we had a special meal as friends came over, tonight we are doing a seafood supper as its our family favourite, tomorrow its a drink party so no ‘going easy’ and then we are on the roll with Christmas Eve… the dog walks are going to have to be brisker and further…

Another comment this year and I know Heston did his ‘hidden orange’ Christmas pudding a few years ago and it was sold out in some places, but there are stranger combinations coming each Christmas.

Then Heston’s latest creative festive combination is based on the little green vegetables we have been talking about!  The Heston from Waitrose Melting Chocolate ‘Sprout’ is a green chocolate dome which, when drizzled with warm salted caramel sauce, melts to reveal 18 green profiterole ‘sprouts’.  The result looks like a pile of brussels doused in gravy… playing with your minds, eyes and taste buds!

So maybe some traditions will be changing with more unusual ingredients, or certainly some more exotic combinations to serve over the festive period.

Afraid for me I like the traditional food on Christmas Day, some smoked salmon with a few glasses of bubbles early in the day followed by the full turkey lunch with all the trimmings. We like to do crackers, play some silly games over the table, or is that a technique of eating more or ‘pacing oneselves’… dessert I don’t want any chocolate Brussel sprouts, its a small spoonful of Christmas pud with a bigger spoon of brandy butter…

Whatever you eat and whoever you are around your table with this Christmas, home or away, have a wonderful one, special times and memories are made at this time of year… Merry Christmas!

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