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Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Just a brief few words this week as I have to get my car loaded up for the weekend. Tomorrow is Edenbridge ‘Uncorked’, our first Food festival, here in the town, so exciting day ahead. I have a Smoothie bike, boxes of bananas, strawberries and tomatoes plus lots more. I have all sorts of activities happening for children and big children so I look forward to seeing some of you locals in the morning.

I wanted to just mention ‘local’… supporting these type of events is so important, firstly it takes a huge amount of time and effort to pull these ‘nice, family friendly events’ together and secondly you can feel proud that you are supporting local businesses and buying local produce which is not always possible.  Today I shopped again at the Flint & Oak deli and farm shop which has opened next door to the Squerryes winery and Westerham Brewery.  

Ightham. From all the research I have done locally and nationally at food and drink fairs and such – I was impressed to see Mustchup and Olivebranch tapenades and pasta sauces too. It is a wonderful little store and I would highly recommend a visit soon!

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