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Savoury ice cream and salads…

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Last weekend I had a trip away with some girlfriends near Valencia, Spain. I have recommended a weekend away to a few of my Mum friends since coming home, I am sure it renews the patience levels, and makes you ‘ready for all the family stuff’.

The food as I remember from last year was outstanding. We just didn’t have anything even slightly bland or a dish that didn’t look and taste incredible! I do want to just talk about my favourite find which was the savoury ice cream. Now going back to the 70’s (when I was born) there was a comedy sketch from the Two Ronnies about bacon ice cream and we would have never considered eating it, well food fashions do change! Last year I tried Parmesan ice cream for the first time, a creamy, rich salad dressing that melted beautifully over my salad of leaves, walnuts, blue cheese, ham, olives, tomatoes etc.. so our first lunch we went back for a repeat. I quoted on my Facebook page I literally have been dreaming of that salad, its so delicious. So first job is to recreate that Parmesan ice cream, and I know I am running out of time, as I have promised the girls to invite them round for lunch as soon as its ready! Also before the weather cools down too much more as the whole setting of sitting on the beach, being served this delicious salad and the ice cream just melting infront of you, works so well.

Back to savoury ice cream served in Valencia at the ice cream cafe which I visited click here, along with the usual chocolate, strawberry and so many other more sweet flavours I can’t list them all. This particular shop sells vegan ice cream and had a massive selection to choose.

Waitrose.  So Sunday afternoon, not noticing initially the slightly more unusual flavours – I bought a delicious mango and raspberry sorbet cone to stroll round this beautiful city and enjoy! My question was how and why would you buy a scoop of savoury ice cream? However, if the cone was savoury for example a parmesan biscuit cone actually smoked salmon may taste quite nice prior to your evening meal. I have seen seaweed cones too! We did sit and have a glass of wine so savoury would have paired better than the sweet, interesting… in 2014 I noticed this article about Jacob’s cream crackers working with a pop-up in London, click here so its all going on… Here are a few slightly wacky combinations of sweet and savoury ice cream flavours for anyone who is still curious click here

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