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Lean Leftovers

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

How was Christmas? it already seems a long time ago…

It was a flurry of food and family for me but no snow until now!

Generally it was a good one for us as a family. Boxing Day meal went very well with ham, quiches and salads which I had tried to prep in advance, and yes it was a relatively relaxed event. I did over cater which is better than under catering. I boiled two hams and we only used and needed one so New Years Eve we had the other ham, which actually worked out well. Since we have had ham pies, ham soups and ham sandwiches. Ham for breakfast (just like in Germany) and ham for lunch. I have even frozen ham slices for later in the month, right now I don’t want to see ham ever again!

We did not have much turkey so come Easter I may have to roast my own, thats what happens when you get out of catering on Christmas Day, sort of difficult to ask for the leftovers!

So using the leftovers in pies and soups has been great, and even the odd packet of smoked salmon in a risotto or for breakfast but all the festive goodies have now been eaten. I loved it when I came across some delicious cheese or some fudge in the fridge. I was sad to see the end of the Christmas cake!

I am having a ‘dry January’ and actually this is probably the best I have ever done. In previous years we get into mid month and I loose the will power! It has helped that since the 2nd January I have been suffering from a heavy head cold and not even craved a glass of wine yet, this weekend will be testing!

So no alcohol and also cutting back on the eating for the month. Looking through healthy recipes (so much online and in the magazines) I have had a great week. I hope I can save some of you time and energy trying out what works and what just looks nice in the pictures! Starting the day with eggs otherwise a smoothie and toast and then lunch has been homemade soup. After breakfast, generally the rule is no carbs, but I can snack on nuts, seeds and some fruit. Its better to have six small meals or grazings than 3 large ones, I am sure you have heard that before. For supper I have had vegetable stir frys, cauliflower couscous and grilled chicken, fish etc… its been easier than I thought and I have resisted buying any discounted chocolates, and biscuits which do seem to be screaming my name when I walk in to the supermarket.

I am reintroducing my weekly Riverford fruit and veg box and I am excited to get experimenting. The reason I like the box is that I often get vegetables that I would not necessarily buy in the shops so hence I have to get trying some new recipes, and as you know thats what I love best!

As the rest of January continues I will keep you up to date with healthy, fuss free meals, recipe ideas that I come across that really the whole family can enjoy and you can whistle up quickly and relatively inexpensively. I am also hoping that like me you feel January is a good time to really think through what you are eating and drinking and hopefully feel better for it.

Here is to a great 2017 for us all. Jo x

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