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Kentish Oils – Dressings

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

So have you had Kentish crisps and Kentish oils before? I certainly have as they are stocked in our local farm shops and markets. However the latest addition to the Kentish Oils product range are a selection of bottled dressings/marinades and vinaigrettes. I have had the following flavours to sample over the last few weeks: Caramelised Shallot & Cider Vinegar, Honey & Mustard, Garden Herbs and Raspberry.

All the dressings are made with Kentish Oil signature cold pressed rapeseed oil and taste delicious. The whole family have been enjoying the four different flavours and agree that they taste like homemade not at all sythetic and have a great balance of flavours.

Garden herb vinaigrette has a strong herb flavour, slightly tangy but is not overpowering on your salad. The Caramelised Shallot & Cider Vinegar has a sweetness to it which many people will love. Honey & Mustard was exactly what it says on the label, if you like that flavour you will enjoy, as a family our favourite was the Raspberry. This vinaigrette dressing had the perfect combination of sharp and sweet, a wonderful compliment to a green salad or greek salad. We didn’t use any of the dressings as a marinade but this could work very well particularly with the Honey and Mustard flavour on chicken.

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