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January the month of food revelations and resolutions!

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Happy New Year – may it be a healthy and successful 2018 for you and yours!

So are you like me trying to ‘wean’ yourself off all that Christmas good food, snacking and sweets? We have enjoyed far too many delicious meals and glasses of wine over the festive holidays. I know thats what Christmas is about but its now all about January and getting back to work, routine and self control!

We discussed ‘dry January’ in our house and have gone through the usual New Years resolutions. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately we have been here before, and of course had years gone by whereby we have stopped sweets, had no sugar, given up coffee or had a dry month of January with no alcohol but really does it make you feel better? Is there really a health benefit? Half the time I have made up for it in the first two weeks of February which really does not help at all. I think this year we are having January – the month of moderation! Yes we have enjoyed the last month and now its time to think a little more about what we are eating and drinking, cutting back and not overdoing it but less and better quality, I think. January is bleak enough without giving up booze completely. So when we open that bottle of wine (only on a weekend of course) we maybe go for something a little better, more expensive that we will savour longer. The same goes for our ingredients, meat and fish – less but better quality particularly with the red meat.

Everywhere I look I see articles and publicity about ‘healthy eating’ and  ‘giving up’ for January. A more positive approach to healthy eating is all about looking for simple ways to increase the nutritional potential of your everyday diet. For example, you could sprinkle berries over your porridge for more vitamin C, add frozen peas to your rice or bolognese. Choosing more variety in your diet is vital and maybe thats the best food resolution to take on… I have seen an article about ‘tryanuary’ and it could be fish,vegetables or fruit – be adventurous this month better to try something new than to have a boring food month!

This month a seasonal favourite is sweet potato and this is such a versatile vegetable to pop into most meals. I have spoken about it in the past whereby you can dice with the skin on and roast with a drizzle of olive oil ready to brighten up a salad, curry or stir fry. Try sweet potato versus regular potato chips or wedges and it makes a great mash or baked with delicious toppings too!

Pomegranate (a favourite in our cocktails this Christmas) are also in season.  “Cut the fruit in half and hold, cut-side down, inside a mixing bowl. Use a rolling pin to rap all over the back to dislodge the seeds, catching them in the bowl as you go. Take care as the juice splashes.” Delicious Magazine, January 2018. Video how to prepare a pomegranate.

Eggs are the ultimate fast food – frittatas, omelettes, scrambled eggs, so many options and chatting to a few new University students home for the holidays a great ‘goto’ every meal of the day! Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, whenever you eat it so make your choices wisely and try to steer away from the sweet cereals and toast options. Maybe January is the month to ‘mix it up’ and try a few new ideas which maybe you have never had time for.  You know thats really what ‘Alive with Flavour’ is all about.  Inspiring, educating, bringing food and drink sometimes new products or unusual foods and trends ‘alive’ with workshops, food demonstrations, and educational events – its going to be a big year…

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