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International Food Exhibition – London 2017

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Another busy week in the food world with Wednesday taking me up to the London Excel for the International Food Exhibition. As always lots of amazing new products, food ideas/concepts and of course many samples!

After trying ice cream, meringues, sauces, salad dressings, chocolate to name a few I wanted to just give you a round up of my favourites. These are companies to look out for in the future and in some cases already stock our supermarket shelves and maybe you haven’t noticed them until now…

Just a Splash – Bring out the Chef in you!

Squbes – Bite sized cubes crammed with seeds and nuts. Initially I thought these were for the birds… they certainly looked like it but on closer examination they were the perfect little seed cubes with two flavours spiced sesame and almond & sea salt and black pepper. They tasted delicious as I tried a few, to be sure and they really are perfect as a healthy snack on the go! Early days but really worth watching out for as they would go down perfectly well with a G&T or even a snack bag to reach for on a bike ride! Loved them!

eazycover – Eazycover is a new type of food cover manufactured of a thin, food classified, transparent plastic film, with an attached band of natural rubber to keep it in place.

I looked at two ice lolly companies:

Lickalix – Natural handmade ice lollies made with real whole fruits, no refined sugars and perfect for gluten lactose dairy free and vegan & vegetarian friendly. I tried the ‘Mango Raspberry Swirl’ and then the Natural Cola both really exciting on the taste buds. They currently offer seven flavours: Strawberry Lemonade, Mango Raspberry Swirl, Simply Chocolate, Caribbean Twist, Oh So Berry, Strawberry & Banana Smoothie, and the Natural Cola.

Claudi & Fin – These were really delicious tasting and 100% natural ingredients with no nasties. They are frozen greek yoghurt lollies and are lower in sugar, freefrom gluten and were in some wonderful recipes like peach & apricot. I would be on the look out for my children in the summer holidays as a much healthier frozen treat! These are stocked in Ocado, and a few other supermarkets – really liked them.

Truly Ginger – Still in their very early days this was a great product. Truly Ginger has two types of crystallized ginger.  Original flavour, huge health benefits, proven to treat nausea, inflammation, and even reduce the risk of certain cancers. You could eat it by itself, pop it over salads, or use it with baking to add that zesty taste. The second flavour is Truly Ginger Crystallized Ginger, Caramel Flavoured – first in the market! This was the perfect sweet snack when you need a pick-me-up.

Hippeas – Give Peas a Chance! This time instead of green peas its chickpeas. These are a new chickpea snack, gluten free and a source of protein. They came in a few ‘hippy’ flavours – Pepper Power, In Herbs We Trust, Far Out Fajita and Sweet & Smokin’.

Marshmallowist Founded in 2011, The Marshmallowist was the first producer of gourmet marshmallows in the UK. Using premium ingredients – only whole fresh fruits, organic herbs, fairtrade sugar and boutique alcohol. All the marshmellows are egg free, dairy free and gluten free. I did love the selection of unusual flavours and the display was eye catching with bright colours.