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Christmas Markets and Present Ideas

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

I have been looking at what I think is ‘the thing’ this Christmas, for ‘foodies’ that is… and in my opinion its the ‘How to make’ kit…

I have never seen so many on the market you really can buy a kit to make everything and anything, or so it seems.

Make your own bread and cakes are always in the supermarket year round but even ‘Delicious Magazine’ had a few on their ‘top gift ideas’ for this Christmas. 30-minute fudge a top present for a teenager, DIY Delicious-ness with a Christmas Chocolate Orange Marshmallow mix and to top it a ‘Grow your own pesto gift crate’  which includes an evergreen pine tree (to grow the pine nuts) basil seeds and a recipe for the ultimate pesto.

Ross and Ross do smoke your own salmon, and even the homemade bacon curing kit… will be having a go at this over the next week or so.

I have been experimenting with making my own cheese, a first for me! The Cheese Makers Choice have a great variety of cheese kits but the one that caught my interest was the Italian Trio – Mozzarella, Mascarpone and Ricotta.  So far so good, I have made Mozzarella and Ricotta but it did take me quite some time, I need to have a go again – I am sure practise with make me quicker at the technique. Amazing though who would have thought of making your own cheese.

Speaking of cheese I have just come back from a quick little trip to Germany to visit friends and the Christmas markets closeby to them. I had some great cheese, raclette for supper which I love – I picture skiing! Also a clever idea with goats cheese served with sliced pickled walnuts as a gluten free canapés, will definitely be doing this over the holidays. The Christmas markets are always full of atmosphere and it is mainly about the food and the gluwine. The fish always is wonderful, big fires with sides of salmon and whole trout hanging, served with garlic mayonnaise and bread. Of course we had apple cake, waffles and delicious biscuits. It was a weekend of flavours and new tastes to try, and no time to start the diet before the holidays.

Back home and its on with the preparation for Christmas I am wrapping gifts, writing cards and I have to get organised with food too. We have the Christmas tree up but still a few more decorations to do and rush around with school plays, carol concerts and work Christmas parties. Plan to make my Christmas bombe this week and pop it in the freezer ready for Boxing Day dessert and trying to get ahead with a few other recipes… keep you posted but its beginning to look alot like Christmas…

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