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Chocolate and Avocado Cake Experiments

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

As its Chocolate Week I have been busy experimenting. I have been meaning to do this for a while, baking with avocados!

It really is the fashionable thing and as a family we love avocados, so the combination intrigued me… and so I went the whole hog, much to my 10 year old daughters disappointment… no sugar, no gluten, and no fat! So what is in this cake?

chocolate avocado cake

I experimented with two different recipes and I know the one I prefer.

Firstly can I just talk about ingredients… as Waitrose or Sainsburys could not help me here! I need palm sugar, coconut flour and dark cocoa powder, after hunting high and low – Edenbridge saved the day! We have a fantastic little shop ‘organic, ethical and free from products for your good health’ right on the High Street. Colette runs Your Good Health Shop and she is friendly and importantly knowledgeable! The website is http://Your Good Health Shop She was able to direct me on my purchases. So just a quick note of “thanks” to Colette, I will be back!

First recipe was Paleo Chocolate Avocado Cake created by California Avocados. ‘Whether your’e living la vida Paleo or simply trying to reduce your intake of white flour and sugar, this dark chocolate cake is simply sublime. Even the most serious chocolate lover will be satisfied with this not-too-sweet cake that provides almost half your Vitamin E DV (40%DV) and 33% DV Dietary Fiber’…  California Avocado Chocolate and Avocado Cake

The second recipe was from ‘My Recipes’ My Recipes – Recipe for dark chocolate avocado cake

mixture for chocolate and avocado cake

Both recipes were rich and delicious, a little dry with the coconut flour which I used in both cakes but great with a cup of coffee! The second cake I did frost with this delicious recipe Paleo Spirit’s frosting and I think that made all the difference.

I have neighbours and friends who are gluten free so I did deliver a few healthy slices to get their feedback. Tonight off to the Chocolate Show and Fashion Show. No avocados in sight but maybe back stage for the beauty regime before hand!  Should be interesting a Chocolate Fashion Show…

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