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Canapes and first mincepie for the year!

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

This was an extremely busy week. Back to normal after half term, and Halloween on a school night, which I can never remember! It didn’t cramp our style too badly but I think we had a lot less visitors…

The Spirit of Christmas has been on all week at Olympia in South Kensington. I got up for the day with Sue and we had a great day, although slightly rushed – I realised my watch was still on summer time, so we missed the Champagne Tasting. It really got me in the mood, I cannot quite believe its 7 weeks away, where has this year gone? There were plenty of other Christmas goodies to try puddings, cheeses, cakes, and I loved a particular Irish Cream and Jamaican Rum. I haven’t even mentioned the wonderful floor of clothes, electronics, furniture and Christmas gifts galore, my focus is always the food! I will review Spirit over the next few days as its running this weekend and I would just say if you can – Go, Go, Go!

An early Christmas present to myself has been my JTC Omniblend. Saw it in action at the Cake and Bake Show and was very impressed at being able to throw in your raw veg and fruit for smoothies, soups and sorbets.  So far I have made carrot soup, beetroot pesto and guacamole. I will be experimenting further and posting my thoughts in an official review for Your Source Today

So with feeling a little more christmassy, will it last I wonder I have been thinking about ‘Christmas Canapes’. I have some workshops coming up in the next month and already have started my parties.

I join you and your friends in your kitchen and we make a few canapés. I demonstrate how they are made, talk through ideas and other options, seasonal ingredients where possible. Most of my food can be prepared in advance and ideally popped in the freezer so on the day of the party its not panic stations! Hopefully you have a fantastic night, drink a few glasses of bubbles, chat and enjoy. I hope I can give you some inspiration to take away and remind you how much fun food can be.  I know my mini squash frittatas with pea puree and sundried tomato went down well with all the health conscious ladies last night. They look very festive too. Canapes don’t have to be pastry!  If you want to find out more about my party evenings click here

plate of frittata canapés

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