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An Introduction to Freezer Workshops

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Aimed at busy Mums, working ladies or just to get ahead of the game for a few nights!


Sri Racha Stir Fry – ready for the freezer

Over the course of 2 hours you prepare 4 family sized and family friendly meals for you to take home and pop in your freezer.


This just makes life so much easier once,twice a week when you need to grab something already ready to put in the oven and cook.

Instead of spending hours on a Sunday night doing this ‘batch’ style cooking which can be boring and a real chore, come and do the prep with friends, some chat and a glass of wine!

The feedback was excellent and the meals are so different for example, Sticky Rack of Ribs to Chicken Pad Thai that they are good enough for the weekends or when you have friends over!

My workshops which have been running for over a year now, are ideal for the single working man or woman. These will be meals for one or two and will be healthy suppers, including gluten free and vegetarian options.


These meals are your meals made from scratch, ready for freezer and then again ready to be pulled out when time is short!

The benefits are that you know EXACTLY what is in your meal, and it is home cooked, all the work you have put in, just in a more organised and fun way!

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