Pumpkin Pleasure

I had never tasted pumpkin pie till we spent a few years in Tennessee. The sweet tart/pie is popular as part of the Thanksgiving meal and is also very much a seasonal dessert. I also enjoyed making and eating pumpkin muffins, have you ever tried them?

Back in the UK I know tins of pumpkin are much more difficult to find. Preparing for my recent Halloween cookery camp with children I did come across some in Morrisons and the food magazines are definitely talking about sweet pumpkin recipes much more than I remember!

With Halloween this weekend we have bought our few pumpkins to carve and display at the front door.  Preparing pumpkin to eat is quite a task.  I always have tried to scoop out the flesh ready for soup and roasted the pumpkin seeds in the oven but never thought of blending my pumpkin ‘meat’ to make sweet treats. The problem with these typical Halloween pumpkins is they can often be stringy and not too flavoursome but I guess if you blitzed them enough and added them to the usual ingredients they could work.  I came across this website to make homemade pumpkin puree.

Remember as a pumpkin has seeds its seen as a fruit and one of your five a day! Try it for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

There are so many recipes sweet and savoury for pumpkin puree, really cakes, biscuits, and drinks. Maybe think beyond the Halloween carving of your pumpkin this year and try a new recipe idea to use this healthy fruit. Here are some healthy recipe ideas, click here.


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