Beetroot banter…

Autumn has arrived and you can really feel the change in temperature today. Its such an exciting time foodie wise, literally everything coming from British farms, homegrown in gardens and allotments. It is such a key time for harvesting fruit and vegetables, we had to talk veg with Riverford Organic at our September supper club.

One of my favourites and something a little different to discuss was beetroot. It has such a deep earthy sweetness and is full of potential whether as thin skinned new season beets in June in a salad or barn stored roots roasted in a beetroot curry. Full of vitamins and rich in minerals they are available from June until October when Riverford store the remaining crop to use through to April.

Preparing raw beetroot can be slightly time consuming. Needs to be washed, scrubbed and sometimes peeled. If you just roast them individually wrapped in tin foil for an hour or so their skins should run off!  Beetroot is so versatile perfect raw in salads – peeled, grated or cut into small cubes. It pairs particularly well with the sweetness of carrots and apples, but cabbage, parsnip, swede and celeriac are also good partners. Roasting beetroot, on its own or with a mixture of other root veg is easy and probably my preference. Boiling works well too. I like to have it cooked, then it can be simply sliced and dressed with olive oil, salt and pepper or ready for making hummus which makes for the perfect pink dip!  Then of course beetroot lends itself to pickling, fermenting, dried, fried and barbecued. It also works well in an assortment of sweet treats (I think beetroot brownies).



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